Your guide to the Oliver’s Hill Steps, Frankston

Olivers Hill Steps Frankston Guide

Frankston is an amazing place to live.

The foreshore is beautiful – and the perfect place to get your exercise on.

At Sims & Finn Chiropractic Frankston, we decided to write the below guide to the Oliver’s Hill Steps for our patients and all to enjoy – hopefully it inspires you to get the runners on and break a sweat.

Here are a few reasons why we love the Oliver’s Hill Steps

  1. Provides what we believe to be the most stunning coastline view in Australia (not biased, FACT).
  2. Offers a convenient post workout recovery swim off the foreshore (might be a bit chilly in winter – pack the wetsuit)
  3. The length of the stairs is perfect for a challenge without being too intimidating or steep.
  4. A large open area directly across the road to mix your workout up with a circuit session.
  5. It’s free + the perfect place to meet up with a workout buddy to keep you on track!
  6. The amazing sunrise! The early wake up will be worth it when you see those beautiful rays of sun rise over the ocean.

Workout Suggestions

Here are a few workouts (no matter your fitness level) to get you striding up and down the stairs in no time. 

PROGRAM #1 – Beginner (first time stair exerciser)

It looks tough but you can do it!
  • 6 stair repeats
  • Jog (or) Walk up and (walk only) down (depending on your comfort level)
  • Intensity/effort level: push yourself to a 6/10 (consistency>intensity)
  • Once you’re comfortably doing this program move onto program 2

PROGRAM #2 – Intermediate (Can handle a bit more workload)

  • 14 stair repeats, running up and down
  • Your descent (jog or walk down) should be half the output and intensity of your jog up the stairs
  • Bottom of the step additions: the following can be a great addition to keep the heart rate up and work some different muscle groups
    • 5-10 squats
    • 5-10 push ups

PROGRAM #3 – Advanced (Gets the legs really working)

  • 30 stair repeats (yep 30), running up and down.
  • Descent should be half the output of the ascent
  • At the bottom: the following mini-circuit should be completed
    • 10 squats
    • 10 push ups
    • 10 burpees

So there you are – your local Frankston Chiropractors guide to the Oliver’s Hill Steps.

Stair running is a great way to exercise as it increases the load of each movement – but be mindful – stair running can also make you forget to take it slowly.

BUT we’ve left the best till last!

We believe that hard work and exercise should be rewarded. The little gem that comes with doing your workout at the Oliver’s Hill Steps is the post workout coffee.

Directly opposite the steps in this fantastic location is (in Dr Oscar’s opinion) Frankston’s best short black @ Little Olly’s.

You could not get a more convenient and better location to enjoy your post workout dose of caffeine.