What is a Schmorl node? Frankston Chiropractor explains

What is a Schmorl node?

A Schmorl’s node is a protrusion of the vertebral disc into the adjacent surfaces of the vertebral body.

Another way to describe it would be like a divet down into the endplate of the vertebral body that the disc then deforms into – kind of like water into a bucket – it fills the shape of the container.

Schmorl nodes can also be known as nuclear impressions of the vertebral body – and or – intravertebral disc herniations.

The Yellow arrows indicate a Schmorl node. Credit to Learning Radiology.

These structural abnormalities predominantly occur in the lumbar spine and can further exacerbate signs and symptoms of pain and discomfort throughout this region.

Schmorl’s nodes are best visualised on lateral spine radiographs – where the indentations can be seen in relation to the overall vertebral body height.

It is not fully understood how nuclear impressions like Schmorl’s nodes form. It has been hypothesised that the disc wears away the weakest part of the vertebral surface during development in conjunction with abnormal biomechanical stress.

Intravertebral disc herniations can be an underlying cause that further aggravate complaints of low back and spinal pain.

It is possible to have a Schmorl node within an area of the spine and not have any pain or discomfort.

Chiropractic can help with low back pain and compilations from Schmorl node formations by ensuring proper structural alignment is maintained – allowing for symmetrical weight bearing, normal range of motion and decreased inflammation.

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