Understanding & Managing Menopause – Women’s Health Chiropractor

Menopause is a natural and normal process in a woman’s life. It is during this time that the ovaries stop producing their production of sex-hormones – oestrogen and progesterone. Menopause can be strikingly different for every single woman. 

Some women transition through this phase with no symptoms, other than the obvious cessation of their monthly bleed. However, for some women, menopause can be a period of sleepless nights, hot flushes, fluctuating moods, low libido and often weight gain. 

This transition can be life changing. 

Symptoms of menopause are primarily a result of the decline in hormones, but factors such as diet and lifestyle, stress levels, organ function and mental health can also play a huge role. 

Many women these days are constantly stressed, causing an altered production of stress hormone leading up to menopause.

Once the ovaries stop producing these sex hormones, we must rely on our adrenal glands to produce very small amounts of oestrogen and progesterone.

If you are chronically stressed, your adrenals are already under stress, causing the ratio in hormonal changes to be significantly greater, causing more dramatic symptoms. If the adrenal glands are under stress, the output of oestrogen and progesterone will be lower once menopause begins – this places women at a heightened risk of such conditions as osteoporosis or cardiovascular decline.

The transition to menopause can often take several years. You may initially notice irregularity in the frequency and flow of your periods. For some women this may be a decrease in flow and for others it may mean that their period gets heavier. 

The biggest priority as you approach menopause is to manage your stress. Creating calm in our lives is a skill that a lot of us are losing given our external circumstances. Nurturing the mind, the body and most importantly the nervous system is absolutely vital to support these changes. 

Diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing) is one of the best ways to switch our sympathetic nervous system from ‘fight or flight’ to being in a more sympathetic ‘rest and digest’ state.

Ensuring your diet is full of essential fatty acids and healthy fats are important to help synthesize hormones. Avocados,oily fish, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, macadamia nuts and evening primrose are all excellent sources of healthy fats. Healthy fats are critical in hair, skin and healthy nails – particularly for those experiencing hair thinning, brittle nails and dry skin. 

Vitamins and minerals are also critical in helping to manage some of the symptoms of menopause. Magnesium, calcium and Vitamin D can help with hot flushes, insomnia and preservation of bone density. Zinc is important in helping to synthesize sex hormones and may help with the metabolism of cholesterol.

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Dr Connor Charles (Chiropractor)

Dr Connor has completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences, a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Chiropractic) and is currently completing a Postgraduate Diplomate of Clinical Chiropractic Paediatrics. She has also spent time attending other seminars and workshops to help expand her knowledge.

Connor is very passionate about chiropractic for families, children and pregnant women. She has a keen interest in helping women through their pregnancies with gentle techniques.