Restricted golf swing? Frankston Chiropractic explains the cause and potential solution

The perfect golf swing consists of a series of complex movements – any limitations in a golfers physical capability and range of motion will have a significant effect on getting onto the green. 

Factors influencing the ability to perform a perfect swing can include

-structural shifts of the spine

-less than ideal coordination of their musculurature

-reduced flexibility

-muscular weaknesses and imbalances

Chiropractors are able to identify these structural and functional changes and implement an appropriate strategy to address these. 

By addressing and improving on the structure of the spine and body, the overall function is improved accordingly – such as your capability to swing the club better.

Also affecting our ability to perform optimally in a golf swing is our posture and the way we move on a daily basis.

Poor movement patterns can predispose and position the spine to more stress than normal.

A good option to improve on your restricted golf swing is to get properly assessed by a chiropractor, to get a better understanding of the structure and function of your spine and body. 

Aims of chiropractic care for golfers:

-Optimise performance

-Improve structure to improve function

-Prevent injury

-Recover from existing injury

Rotation of the upper body is a fundamental aspect of the golf swing.

The thoracic spine is responsible for most of the movement in the torso.

Restrictions and decreased movement in this region may result in excessive stress and strain being placed on the lower back and neck – which inturn can reduce power, efficiency and shorten the length of the overall swing. 

Other regions of the spine and body may attempt to compensate for the reduction in movement by becoming more mobile in other areas.

The lumbar spine (low back) is one of the most prone areas to be injured for golfers. 

A correct golf swing finishes with measured extension of the lower back. Good control, alignment and strength are key to preventing hyperextension of the lumbar spine which can stress the lumbar discs and facet joints.

For good follow through in the swing movement, good flexibility and rotation of the pelvis is also required- any restriction or misalignment in this region can result in strain and abnormal stresses to the low back from compensatory changes.

Whether you are a professional, or a Sunday social golfer, your body and spine deserves the best. At Frankston Chiropractic – Sims & Finn, our focus is on improving the structure of the spine, to improve the function of the body.

Our professional team of male chiropractors and female chiropractors are always happy to answer questions and help you achieve your health goals.

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