Whether this is your first baby of the most recent addition to your family, we are here to help through all of the milestones. Our practice is family friendly, with change tables, toys, colouring in. We absolutely promote breastfeeding when possible and are a safe breast-feeding space. 

Childbirth is such a huge occasion for many families but we must remember that mums are born too. We take the time to learn the history of both mum and baby, pregnancy and pre-conception to best achieve your health goals. 

The type of adjustments differ depending on the size, age and developmental stage. Our chiropractors tailor their adjustment techniques to suit each individual child. Most babies don’t even stir during their adjustment. 

Birth and early childhood can be stressful on the body. There are many factors influencing birth trauma such as a very long or very short labour, failure of the cervix to dilate, the use of ventouse (vacuum) or forceps, caesarean section, cord around the baby’s neck, foetal distress or undesirable positioning within the uterus or birth canal.

65% of neurological development occurs in your child’s first year of life.

In addition to the physical stress of birth, children often endure knocks, bumps and falls as they develop and grow.

On average, a child aged seven will have approximately 2500 falls, and before aged 3 will have three major falls from such things as change tables, cots or down a flight of stairs. It is also estimated that approximately 47.9% of children will fall on their head within their first year of life.

You baby may present stress to the body and nervous system in a variety of different ways:

  • Discomfort and difficulty with tummy time
  • Discomfort and irritation in a car seat
  • Does not like to be swaddled or changed
  • Prefers to be fed on one side rather than the other i.e. when feeding
  • You notice a flat spot on their head – especially if they prefer to lie in the same position
  • If they always have their head turned to the one side of if they hold their body in an asymmetrical position

As Chiropractors, we assess: ⠀

  • Neck movement, spinal or dural tension which may interfere with feeding on a particular side or result in fussiness at the breast. ⠀
  • Cranial and oral function which may affect sucking or latching. ⠀
  • We check shoulders and hips as these joints can also have a stressful time during the birthing process. ⠀
  • Milestones such as neonatal reflexes, crawling and sitting

Children are extremely resilient and may respond exceptionally well with the correct treatment.



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